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Terms for using our Services

  • Our website or software is for employers who pay us to create paystubs and distributes them to their employees or contractors along with the e-filling of respective tax forms.
  • The person who creates pay stubs or e-fills tax forms must have the desired authority to generator them.
  • We allow users to generator their first pay stubs for free, from the next stubs onwards you need to pay us.
  • Changing the pay stub template is forbidden for users once they purchased. They can change it before purchase.
  • We allow users to do basic changes on the generator paystubs like spelling errors, and so. Major changes like employer’s name or recipient name, pay duration, and so are not permitted.
  • While making updates on created pay stubs, you will be notified about the progress through email within 48 hours.
  • Users who are not satisfied with our service can raise a refund; however, the claim must be done within 48hours. Also, we entertain only the refund requests with valid reasons. To know more visit our refund policy page.
  • All documents which are generated through our website or software will be shared only via email. Else, you can choose to download your generated pay stub in PDF format.

Privacy Policy

We strongly suggest you visit our privacy policy page for knowing how we manage the collected information of our users while accessing our software or website. We update our privacy policy from time to time based on how the market evolves, so we request users to get in touch with our policy terms crystal clear. We do inform all our users through alerts whenever we update our privacy policy.

Contacting Us

We always encourage our users to communicate with us to gain full knowledge of our services. You are free to reach our support team by sending your request or clarification mails to support@thepaystubsgenerator.com

Similarly, we do send emails to our users whenever we make changes to our policy or implement new updates on our website/software.

Still having concerns, just send us your mail to support@thepaystubsgenerator.com, you will receive a response from our experts soon.