Yes! Our improved online Paystub generator calculates all those daunting tax calculations automatically with 100% accuracy. Also, the automated tax calculations operations fully adhere to the latest rules & regulations.
Our online Paystub generator is specifically designed to send/share pay stubs instantly and directly to the registered employee’s email ID. If an employee fails to find paystubs in their inbox, please ask them to check their spam or promotional folder. Also, ask them to add our email ID to their contact to receive paystubs in their inbox in the future.
Yes! You can do all those edit works on paystubs. Our pay stub generator allows you to do unlimited corrections freely on your newly generated Paystubs before sending or sharing with your employees or contractors.
Yes! Our paystub generator allows you to pick different templates for employees and contractors. In general, Paystubs for contractors differ from the employee’s Paystubs templates. Contractor templates have extra fields like TIN information which you can’t find in the employees’ template.
We always respect data privacy and provide the highest data security features to our Paystub Generator tool. You no need to worry about the safety of entered information, as long as you handle our tool properly. We never store or share any information on our tool or at our server.
We provide a wide range of options for our users when it comes to payment processing. Staring from merging your PayPal account to a Bank account, we support all types of plastic card payments including VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and so.
We always respect our clients’ privacy and we are keen on offering full-safety features. All details including pay/card details which you enter on encrypted using SSL/TLS and ensure your information has ultimate security.
Feel free to contact our support team. Our experts will do all the needed inspections, and resolve them as quickly as possible. We do provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee, however, 100% refund will provide only when our support team fails or is not able to address the problem.
No! Paystub documents created using our paystub generator are not considered legal documents.
No! There is no need for any special paper to print your pay stub document created through our Paystubs generator.