At The Paystubs Generator, our main priority is the privacy of our clients and their employees.

This Privacy Policy is valid for the activities done by us online and it’s valid for visitors/clients who visit our website and use our paystub generator tool. This privacy document is about the information shared and/or collected from the clients/visitors who visit and uses our site

By visiting and using our website, you hereby consent and agree to our Privacy Policy terms. We sincerely request you to read our privacy policy terms carefully and understand how to handle and use the information we collect through our website or application.

What Information do We Collect?

Here are the lists of your data which we have categorized below:

  • To set up a new account, we collect your first and last names.
  • For easy communication, we collect your contact details like email address, and so.
  • For creating professional paystubs and sent to your employees or contractors, we need some personal details of them like name, email ID, Last 4 Digit SSN (Social Security Number), and other vital details.
  • We do keep your transaction details, payment details, and other services that you have ordered or commissioned from us as records.
  • For safety concerns, we collect your system information like IP address, browser information, and so, while using our site & applications.

How We User Your Information?

The information or details we may collect from you during the registration process and making a payment will be used for the below-listed purposes:

  • To better business operation/website operation.
  • To improve our service with more transparency.
  • To provide personalized service in response to your customer service request.
  • To develop and enhance our functions/operations for delivering services based on your interest.
  • To communicate easily.
  • To create documents and deliver personalized services relevant to you we make use of your personal details and track all those changes you made from one page to the next.
  • Our paystub generating software collects your activity to deliver a more tailored and consistent experience while working through our software.
  • We gather your location-related information to our partners to deliver personalized and customized advertisements which are relevant to you.
  • We use some of your details/information gathered while using our application or by surveying users for the development, and testing of our software.
  • We research the details/information we collect from our clients to under what type of people users our services and how people would like to interact with our software.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

At no cost, we don’t sell or share our clientele information/details to third parties/partners for their marketing benefits without your explicit consent, except as provided for in this Privacy Policy.

However, we may share your personal data/information and other details with third parties/partners, as described below.

1. Service Providers:

We do allow third parties or our partners to make things easier for our users while accessing a few aspects of our service operations. Because of that, we may share some of our user’s details with them.

For example: For process payments, we utilize services offered by third parties/ our partners. Also, we do work with data analytics providers to understand our users and to improve our services accordingly. However, for the enhancement of our software, we share only non-identifiable details to data analytics.

2. Law Enforcement and Government Agencies:

To prevent illegal activities, we disclose our user’s personal information to government authorities/agencies based on their request and help them in all forms to conduct open & transparent criminal investigations if needed.

Security We Provide

As the data breach is one of the biggest concerns in today’s digital world, we make sure all our users’ details/information is stored securely by conducting regular scanning activity with the updated security software.

Information/data which are transmitted via our software or website are transmitted in an encrypted form. Only administrative people with high-level access can able to access those details.

Third-party disclosure

As mentioned above, we never trade or allow third parties to sell our user’s personal information for their marketing benefits.

Third-party links

We don’t allow third-parties applications/functions or our partner’s products or services to take place on our websites as a promotion.

Use of Cookies

To provide better services to our users, we do make use of those cookies and other browser information. However, users are allowed to set their preference at their browser to accept or decline.

Note: We have no control over third-party advertisers accessing your browser cookies, our privacy policies do not apply to them. They have their own set of privacy policy checks with them. You are free to choose the disable cookies option on your system if you wish.

Contacting Us

The Paystubs Generator may revise this privacy policy at any time and the changes we have made to our privacy policy will be notified.

If you need any clarifications or any concern with our privacy policy, feel free to raise a request, our support team will address you promptly within a 1-month time gap.

For more details regarding our privacy policy, you are free to contact our support team by sending us your mail to