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Pay Stub Generator Quick Guide

A Complete Guide To Use Our Pay Stub Template

1. Provide Company Information

A complete pay stub should include the employer’s details. Our prolific pay stub maker comes with user-friendly templates which allow you to enter the company’s details including the company logo directly on your pay stub easily. It doesn’t matter, you are creating a check stub or pay stub, the inclusion of the company’s logo will give a professional touch.

2. Provide Basic Background Information Of Recipient

To create a professional paystub from our tool, you need to provide some basic background information about the recipient. It doesn’t matter if you are about to create a paycheck stub for yourself or your employee or your contractors, the list of basic background information which are listed below to complete the recipient’s section of your paystub.

  • Recipient’s Name
  • Recipient’s Address
  • Recipient’s State
  • Recipient’s Email ID
  • Recipient’s Marital Status
  • Recipient’s SSN/EIN (Last 4 Digit)
  • Employee Number (If the recipient is your employee)

Before using our The Paystubs Generator, make sure you have gathered all the basic information of the recipient. Even if you don’t know some of those details, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a pay stub by using our tool. By providing those details, your pay stub will look better and have a complete finish.

3. Provided Recipient’s Income Information

The next step would be providing the payment information of the recipients. To complete the top portion of your pay stub template you need to gather the below-listed recipient’s pay information.

Recipient’s Payment Structure (Hourly/Salary)

On the top of the recipient income section, you have the option of selecting hourly or salary income mode. Upon the selection, our paystub generator will adjust pay information collecting fields accordingly.

Template Selection

Our Paystubs Generator gives you the option of selecting an appropriate template for generating an exceptional earning statement of your employees or contractors. Here are the lists of templates we offer

  • Classic Template 1 (Gray)
  • Classic Template 2 (White)
  • Classic Template 3 (Blue)
  • Business Template 1

How often is the recipient being paid?

This section covers the pay frequency of the recipient. Mostly, an employee receives payment on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, and annually basis. Along with the below-given pay information of your recipient

  • Check No.
  • Reporting Period
  • Pay Date
  • Exemptions
  • Pay Period (YTD)

Make sure you provide those details correctly. And select the checkout & preview button. It will lead you to the preview page of your pay stub, where you can find the option to edit or print or share the generated pay stub.